Sunshine and Spring in Maine

I’ve been making a point to witness more sunrises on the beach. It’s a far better way to start the day than to be reading the news and comments sections which are so toxic, yikes! It’s an ongoing effort to let go of what I don’t need that also brings me down when there is so much natural uplifting beauty waiting to be admired. I still read the news but I don’t need to wallow in it nor aggravate myself over anonymous opinions. At dawn you also never know what you’ll see, like this mink that ran onto the beach and then along the shoreline, it was so lovely!

During late March and April when the outside temps are in the 40s, my unheated sunroom reaches 70 degrees and above on a sunny day. I love listening to the oldies and country music on my vintage a.m. radio in my rocking chair that usually leads to a delightful doze.

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