Home Comforts

Will you be watching the Coronation on May 6th? I’m looking forward to it!

We have wild daffodils in our woods so I cut just one bunch to bring home and enjoy.

In a few weeks I’ll be planting these neonic-free seeds from American Meadows in our raised beds and planters.

We’ve had plenty of rain which is greening up our lawn nicely. You can see now where we placed the white lattice panels which used to be where our new cedar fence sits. There will be annuals planted behind it and we’re using a dead oak limb Wayne cut down this past weekend as edging.

I asked Wayne to make us rustic coasters with part of the oak limb.

I also got a forty pound seed delivery, all for the chipmunks!

I love light reading in my bright sunroom in the early afternoons.

After a week of rain we had a bit of sunshine which made the wildlfowers (they aren’t weeds to the bees!) pop. We do not spray anything in our yard other than water.

We also appreciate the pretty wild violets that thrive where our grass has not.

One of my favorite butterflies, the “Great Spangled Fritillary,” will only lay their eggs where there are violets for their larva to feed upon. Sadly most people in my neighborhood spray them, so the more we have the better it is for them.

I enjoyed the sun’s brief visit. After tomorrow we have a week of rain ahead. It’s going to make everything very lush and lovely.

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