A Secret Pollinator Garden: Progress and Process

A year ago this month Wayne rebuilt one of our raised garden beds and this is what our backyard looked like:

I suddenly had a vision of a little English-inspired pollinator garden behind our house that would attract hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, butterflies and more bees then we already have. We don’t “treat” our yard with herbicides or pesticides, so wild strawberry thrives behind our house. Some see this as a detriment. Besides creating a low-maintenance green carpet, bees love the blossoms. The tiny little fruits are enjoyed by the birds and wildlife. Wayne loves that it requires little mowing. But I rarely saw hummingbirds, just a half-dozen butterflies and never a hummingbird moth in our yard. It was time to create a new reality in my own backyard!

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Evolution of Enchantment

I had always dreamed of buying a house on Higgins Beach but those charming seaside cottages sell for over a million, likely two, and they rarely come to market. But I do live in an affordable cottage of my dreams that’s only 3 1/2 miles away.

The shorebirds and I had the beach all to ourselves before sunrise this morning until a few surfers showed up. I felt very wealthy and blessed with such an enchanting place and production that made it seem as if I was in a Maxfield Parrish painting.

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