Yankee Thrift is Freedom of Choice

I refer to myself as a “Thrifty Yankee” but what does that mean to me?

Traditional Yankee thrift isn’t obsessed with money. It’s not frugal for the sake of frugal or only buying things on sale. Many times it pays to spend more on a quality item that will last longer. It’s not frugal in all things all the time which, unless by necessity, seems miserly.

There were times I had to be frugal with everything because I didn’t have any other options. There were times years ago when I spent too much because I was making a good income and believed that I needed to have certain props to prove that I could afford such things.

Yankee thrift doesn’t mean I don’t ever buy extravagant or impractical things, but only if it truly brings me joy and is within my budget. It’s about what really matters to me and not my neighbors, so to speak.

Here in Maine there are so many lovely “things”, most of them living, that I find my days are naturally fulfilling.

Winter view of bare trees at Prouts Neck